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3 Essential Tips to Help You Recover from Joint & Muscle Pain from Exercise

We all strive to be the better version of ourselves and perhaps, losing weight and being healthy is on the top of our New Year’s Resolution list. And sometimes, most of us tend to over-exercise our bodies which causes strain and muscle pain. 

However, you don’t have to suffer because we’ve provided some tips for you that can help you recover from joint and muscle pain from exercise. Take note of these tips so you won’t have to suffer and enjoy your weight loss journey instead. 

  1. Listen to your body. When you start feeling the muscle and joint pain once you started a new exercise program, then this is your body telling you it is too much and too much of anything is not good for you. Start with the basics first and don’t go too hard on yourself. Your heart rate during exercise is your body’s own guide to know the intensity of exercise you can handle.
  2. Rest is essential. You’ve probably heard this before but the pain that comes from overuse is not referring to the joints. Common warning signs of joint overuse are joint pain, muscle soreness, and swelling. Recovery from pain is different for everyone so take these tips as they apply to you. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it could be a sign that you should raise your awareness of your body’s capacity for pushing the limits and allowing ample time for rest and recovery. We also recommend stretching and isometric exercises to help relieve the strains. And taking antioxidant supplements that promote faster recovery which speeds the relief from minor aches and stiffness that is caused by overexertion. 
  3. Slowly increase intensity & duration. When you finally had a good rest and your body has recovered from overuse, you can now restart your exercise program at 40% of what you were doing when the pain or injury began. By then, you can moderately increase the intensity of your workout by 10% every week. This allows the body time to adjust and build strength over time.

So there you go. The three golden tips to recover from joint and muscle pain, as well as advice on what to drink before and after exercise. If you can do these three things, you will help your body recover faster than most people. You don’t have to put too much stress on yourself about getting back into exercise or trying a new form of physical activity. Just gently ease back into things, listen to your body, and be patient. You will not go wrong listening to your body.