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5 Anti-Aging Workout Ideas to Try with Friends


One of the scary things about aging is that our bodies tend to grow weaker as we age. Our bones become weak, our muscles get tired quickly, and our energy levels decrease. It can be challenging to stay fit and healthy amidst the changes in our bodies. But how do those celebrities and fitness enthusiasts remain fit while aging? The answer lies in their lifestyle.

While it is true that our bodies are significantly weaker in our 70s compared to our younger years, it does not mean that we cannot do anything to at least slow down the aging process. Eating healthy meals, avoiding vices that can damage your organs and exercising can help keep your strength and curves throughout the years.

In fact, routine exercise is one of the techniques used by celebrities to keep their figures in check. It is worth noting that getting older is not an excuse to give up on exercise. There are lots of workout routines that are perfect for seniors. These exercises are not too strenuous, ideal for weak bones and muscles, and you can enjoy them in a group! Call your friends and try one of the exercises listed below:


Yoga is one, if not the gentlest aerobic exercise. It can help seniors improve balance, muscle strength and flexibility. Yoga is also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety since yoga promotes relaxation.


If yoga sounds too feminine for you, you may find this next anti-aging routine appealing. Cycling is a low-impact exercise for joints, muscles and cardiovascular health. You must give cycling another shot if this had been your hobby back in the old days so you can relive the fun.

Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a type of physical exercise and a cross between swimming and Zumba. With the water pressure surrounding your body, this routine works wonder for the joints and can improve cardiovascular health. Perfect for those looking to stay refreshed and fit during hot summer days.


Dancing is one of the best ways to keep an active lifestyle while socializing. Participating in Zumba sessions can improve cardiovascular health, bone and muscular strength and flexibility. The best part is that you can bust off some moves on the dance floor with your friends. It will surely take you back to your disco Friday nights when you were younger.


It may not sound like much, but walking is an adequate exercise for the elderly. It doesn’t require a gym membership or costly attire or equipment. You will only need your footwear and your walking cane if you must. Stroll through your neighborhood every morning and chit chat with your neighbors to improve your health and social well-being.

These are just some anti-aging exercises you can do to maintain a healthy body. Feel free to try any of this with your friends, and while you’re at it, supply your body with essential vitamins and minerals through quality food supplements. Visit PurMEDICA for health and wellness supplements!