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Gout-Friendly Vegan Soup

Gout is a painful condition that occurs when uric acid builds up in the joints. There are many things you can do to manage your gout symptoms, including taking medication and avoiding certain foods. Hence, diet plays an important role in managing gout symptoms because there are foods that can cause excessive uric acid production.

Excessive uric acid can lead to the formation of crystals that deposit in joints and tissues, causing inflammation, pain, and swelling. The most common joint affected by gout is the big toe, but other joints such as ankles, knees and fingers can also be affected. Gout can also affect organs such as kidneys.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage gout without having to resort to medications that can have serious side effects. One of the best ways is to make sure you're eating a gout-friendly vegan diet. While gout is a painful condition, it doesn't have to keep you from enjoying delicious and healthy food like vegan meals. 

So if you're someone who lives a vegan lifestyle or just wants to eat more plant-based food, then this gout-friendly vegan soup is perfect for you!


Gout Safe Vegetable Soup

This is a gout safe vegan soup loaded with fresh vegetables and red beans for protein. 


  • Homemade Vegetarian Broth 
    • 1 tsp oil
    • 2 each leeks
    • 2 each carrots
    • 2 ribs celery I used four tops with leaves
    • 1/4 tsp salt
    • 8 Cups water
  • Soup
    • 1 Tablespoon Oil
    • 2 Cups Potatoes Diced
    • 1 Cups Mushrooms Diced
    • 1.5 Cups Cauliflower Diced
    • 1 Cup Onion Diced
    • 1 Cup Celery Diced
    • 1 Cup Carrot Diced
    • 1 Tablespoon Garlic Minced
    • 1.5 Cups Red Beans cooked
    • 2 sprigs Rosemary
    • 4 sprigs Thyme
    • 2 Cups Spinach.


  1. Add one tablespoon of oil and two leeks on a medium hot pot. Cook them for about three minutes and wait until they soften up. 
  2. Add two carrots and the top of a few celery with leaves. 
  3. Add 8 cups of water and ¼ teaspoon of salt. Bring to a boil until the carrots are tender enough. Turn off the heat and wait to cool down a little.
  4. Once cooled down, strain the broth out of the vegetables.
  5. Set aside the carrots and squeeze the celery and leeks to get the most liquid out of them. 

For Soup

  1. Add the carrots that were set aside to the broth and blend. 
  2. With a pot on medium heat add one tablespoon of oil the onions, raw carrots, celery and garlic. Cook until the onions are translucent (approximately three to five minutes).
  3. Add the broth, potatoes and the herbs. Bring to a simmer and cook for ten minutes.
  4. Add the cauliflower and red beans. Simmer for another five minutes. 
  5. Add the package of frozen green beans and cook until the potatoes and cauliflower are tender (approximately another five minutes).
  6. Lastly, add two cups of spinach and serve. 


Gout isn't something that's exclusive to meat eaters—it can happen to anyone who has high levels of uric acid in their blood. That's why it's important to do your research and make sure that your diet is balanced with plenty of fruits and vegetables so that you can keep your body healthy while managing your symptoms.

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