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Growing trend of Alternative Medicine

There is a trending increase in the use of alternative and complementary medicine.  What this means is people are turning to other than traditional methods to treat or alleviate symptoms of chronic conditions.

Twenty to thirty years ago we turned to our family physician for our health care needs.  We usually consulted the same physician who knew our families and our health histories.  Because of changes in the way medicine is practiced, many of us no longer see the same health care provider on a regular basis.  Often health care providers have joined large corporate practices and insurance has changed the health care provider we consult.

Formerly we had no real access to health facts other than medical libraries, newspaper articles, television and magazines.  Finding and comparing information was a difficult process.  In the recent past the internet has opened a whole new avenue of health sources, including alternative medicine.

While traditional medicine offers us treatments and cures for many diseases and conditions, complementary and alternative applications help us to enhance our health care.  Over the past decade, pharmaceutical companies promote their products through media ads.  These ads are required to list known side effects many of which can be quite disturbing.  By using natural remedies and incorporating alternative treatments we can ease our pain and increase  comfort levels.

The Cleveland Clinic, known throughout the world as a respected medical facility, boasts its Center for Integrative Medicine.  Their center features alternative health approaches in combination with traditional medicine.  By incorporating complementary therapy and procedures, the clinic assists their patients to enhance their quality of life.  Most of these alternative therapies have been in use for thousands of years.

The Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine offers as alternative treatments:

  • Acupuncture

  • Massage therapy

  • Chiropractic Services

  • Reiki

  • Chinese Herbal Therapy (offering the services of Chinese Herbalists)

  • Guided Imagery

All of these treatments are designed to treat the whole person and encourage relaxation as well as lifestyle enhancements and changes.  The goal is to increase comfort and alleviate pain.

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It is encouraging to see that traditional medicine is becoming more engaged in the alternatives available to us for optimal health.  By incorporating natural and herbal  remedies into our health care treatment we are often able to avoid unpleasant side effects and increased expense.  When we discover available options and learn more about our wellness possibilities, we are better able to make health care decisions for ourselves and our families.