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Six Great Ways to Use Celery Seeds for Better Health

Celery seed is one of the most overlooked of all medicinal spices. In fact, many experienced cooks are barely aware that this potent little spice is used for anything except making pickles. Anyone interested in improving their health simply and naturally should know a few things about the humble celery seed and the many ways in which it can help you feel better.


What is Celery Seed?

Celery seeds are a light brown color with thin tan stripes. They are medium sized and slightly bulb shaped. You can easily recognize them by their strong, pleasant smell; generations of cooks have added these fresh, pungent seeds to salads and soups. In food, they add the flavor of celery and so can be used when there is no celery available or when its texture is wrong for the dish.

Because celery seeds are a traditional culinary spice, you can easily find bottles of it sold at any well-stocked grocery store. If you intend to use it for medicinal purposes, it is best to purchase bulk quantities through a vendor specializing in herbal medicines. This way you can be assured of a large supply of fresh seeds.

Using Celery Seeds to Improve Your Life

Once you have obtained your celery seeds or celery seed products, you can begin using them. Here are several simple ways:

1. To enjoy the benefits of whole seeds, lightly crush 1 tsp with a rolling pin or mortar and pestle. Place the crushed seeds in a clean kettle and add a cup of boiling water. Let the water steep for 10 – 20 minutes, then pour the mixture through a strainer and enjoy the resulting beverage. This infusion can be used once or twice a day for the management of rheumatism and arthritis.


2. Try adding 1 tsp of whole or lightly crushed celery seeds to your favorite bread recipes, salad dressings, or soup. You can enjoy a little bit of nature’s medicine while preparing your favorite meals. You might be surprised at just how many recipes these little seeds can improve.


3. Oil made from celery seeds has many potent effects, including supporting healthy liver and digestive function. Some therapeutic celery seed oil should be mixed in a 1:1 ratio with a neutral carrier oil for easier administration. Simply place a few drops of the prepared oil on your wrists or temples to begin enjoying the oil’s anti-anxiety properties.


4. Place a few drops of celery seed oil into a personal diffuser pendant. Your body will warm the oil and release its beneficial chemistry. You can experience this calming scent all day long without applying any directly to your body.


5. Add that fresh, spicy scent to your home work space by placing a few drops of prepared celery seed oil in a diffuser. This can help promote a calm, focused environment that is filled with a clean, bright scent.


6. Tablets made from celery seeds can be taken on a daily basis to lower high blood pressure without many of the side effects associated with conventional pharmaceutical drugs. People also take celery seed tablets on a regular basis to manage arthritis. These tablets make it simple to achieve real benefits without the time consuming task of measuring out a precise amount of dried seeds every day. The potency of tablets is many times that of a teaspoonful of seeds, so you will begin seeing results a lot sooner.

Using Celery Seeds at Home

Celery seed has different effects depending on how it is used. In its whole form, it can be used to manage the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. It is also a diuretic. Oil obtained from the seeds has many of the same properties as the celery plant itself. Celery is known to have a calming effect and has been used to sooth anxiety, nervousness, hysteria, and other emotional conditions. Some health stores and specialty outlets catering to natural medicinal products are likely to carry celery seed oil.

Interestingly, celery juice has been shown to have a positive impact on high blood pressure. This plant and its seeds are valued in traditional Oriental medicine as an aid to digestion and as a headache treatment.

Also celery seed has been used to help people excrete metabolic waste and uric acid crystals. This benefits people with high uric acid and gout sufferers.

Try Some Celery Seeds Today

Celery seeds and the oil, extracts, and tablets made from them have many important benefits for human health. Healing traditions around the world have celebrated this humble spice and today it can start working for you.