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The Benefits of Phyllanthus Niruri

If you have ever suffered through the painful experience of passing a kidney stone, then you know just how unbearable kidney stones can be. Worse yet, according to University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Urology department, “Once an individual has formed a stone, the likelihood of recurrence is 50 percent or greater at five years and up to 80 percent at 10 years.” As you can see, not only are kidney stones incredibly painful, but they also pose a great risk of appearing later on in your life. However, with a tropical plant known as Phyllanthus Niruri, you can help to combat the undue effects that come with kidney stones.

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What Is Phyllanthus Niruri?

Phyllanthus Niruri is a tropical plant found throughout a variety of coastal regions. This wild weed that belongs to the Phyllanthus genus is known by a number of names like stonebreaker and gale of the wind, as a clinical review has shown that it is effective in preventing the formation of kidney stones, among a number of other benefits. For this reason, Phyllanthus Niruri is utilized in a number of natural health supplements that aim to provide relief to individuals suffering from kidney stones.

Additional Benefits of Phyllanthus Niruri

  • Helps relax the ureter after lithotripsy to help stones pass
  • Reduces pain for those experiencing the effects of kidney stones

Kidney Stone Relief with Vesipür

When individuals are looking for the best kidney stone supplements on the market, they choose Vesipür, and for good reason. Not only do we utilize Phyllanthus Niruri when creating this powerful kidney stone formula, but we also use many other ingredients that have been shown to help pass kidney stones such as celery seed extract and Buchu leaves. This is one of the reasons why Vesipür continues to remain as one of the best selling kidney stone supplements online.

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