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Vitamin C: 5 Ways to Improve Your Health

The right combination of vitamins and minerals can do a lot to provide added protection to your body and strengthen the immune system. One of the more popular supplements is Vitamin C. It boasts a lengthy list of benefits and can be a promising supplement for almost anyone, including gout sufferers.


Deficiencies of the C vitamin are common in many people because quite a bit is required to maintain the right level. However, supplements can be used to provide additional intake when natural consumption isn’t as readily available. Some people are much more prone to deficiencies than others. These groups include people who get sick easily, smokers, drinkers, and individuals leading stress filled lives. Stress, smoking, and drinking are common in that they all cause Vitamin C to be depleted at an alarming rate. Depletion can result in easy bruising, depression, and rashes. More severe symptoms include spontaneous bleeding, gingivitis, and impaired healing of even the smallest wounds.

It is important for infants, toddlers, children, and adults alike to receive adequate amounts of supplementary C vitamin because the human body is incapable of producing it by itself. While certain foods such as berries, cabbage, peppers, and spinach can give consumers some Vitamin C, a supplement is often necessary to maintain adequate levels in the human body.

Rewarding Benefits Include:

1. Slow Skin Aging

Aging skin can be prone to wrinkles, loss of suppleness, dryness, and noticeable pigmentation. For some, the effects can also lead to breakouts or strange rashes. Studies have shown that individuals, who regularly consume adequate amounts of Vitamin C and in a variety of ways, are able to effectively slow the aging process to keep skin looking younger, cleaner, and suppler. It also helps to keep skin moisturized to avoid dryness. Similar effects can be noticed in the hair and nails as well.

2. Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation can be monotonous, painful, and debilitating. It can result from strained muscles after a good workout, or it can be digestive in nature such as ulcers. Preventing inflammation is something the C vitamin can help with. Protecting your body against cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses is also a positive benefit of consuming the right amounts of this incredible supplement.

3. Fortified Immune System

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing you are coming down with a cold. The aches, pains, fever, sore throat, and depressing sinus pressure can sometimes take weeks to wear off completely. Vitamin C is an excellent resource to use to fortify your immune system against such illnesses as the common cold. If taken in advance, it can help you avoid catching a cold altogether. However, if you do succumb to the nasty side effects of this common sickness, supplementing adequately can still assist your body in fighting the sickness before complications get worse.

4. Stress Reduction

Good stress can be motivational, satisfying, and necessary to remain balance and success in life. However, bad stress can be damaging to your health and distort your sleep patterns, hurt important relationships, and diminish your effectiveness and confidence in everyday activities. Managing stress is contingent on your ability to prioritize and use your time effectively.

However, did you know that a Vitamin C supplement can provide additional support by keeping your adrenals healthy and active. People who are exceptionally stressed may experience faster depletion of the C vitamin because the adrenals aren’t able to keep up with the demand. Providing additional support to your body is one way you can help regulate your stress and keep critical parts working properly.

5. Antioxidants All the Way

Antioxidants play a critical role in your body by reducing cataracts and stopping free radicals from hurting the arteries which could ultimately result in heart disease and other harmful illnesses. Vitamin C, when taken in proper amounts, can be readily available in your blood making it easy for your eyes to get the intake they need. This means your lens will be protected from the sun and other components which will ultimately prevent the cataracts that are notorious for causing blindness, particularly in older people.


Vitamin C is a supplement that anyone can benefit from, particularly those who are prone to stress or who don’t receive an adequate amount in their normal diet. Benefits include slower aging of the skin, reduction of stress and inflammation, immune system protection, and an added dose of needed antioxidants.